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- 9/5/2021 - Posted on Google
We called this company based on the recommendation of a friend. Our AC had quit working on one of the hottest days of the entire year. We called them around 8:30 in the morning. They arrived within three hours and fixed the issue in twenty minutes. Their bill was completely reasonable and they were total professionals. I am FOR SURE going to use this company again. This is how you should be treated by an HVAC company. Matthew was our tech and he was great.
- 8/31/2021 - Posted on Google
I recently purchased a new air conditioner and furnace from Element Services. I was pleasantly surprised by this previously unknown business. They were on time as scheduled, they did a great job with everything and I am happy to recommend this business to everyone else. Looking for heating and cooling in the Springfield area. Always happy to support a local business doing it right!! Great job!
- 8/30/2021 - Posted on Google
I highly recommend Element Services for HVAC repair. Our A/C unit stopped working late on a Saturday night after a 10 day heat wave. I called Element first thing Sunday morning and Mike arrived within 30 minutes. He fixed our A/C unit is less than 10 minutes and the price was reasonable. He also explained that I needed to clean the coils on the outdoor unit. He said that he could do it while he was there but he was not comfortable charging the on-call rate because it would be costly to me. Instead he explained what I needed to do and saved me money. This is the second time I have had Element Services out in the last few years and each experience has been positive.
- 6/26/2021 - Posted on Google
Thank you so much!
- 6/15/2021 - Posted on Google
I had my AC unit checked and prepared for the hot summer days. Element Services are very good to work with.
- 6/11/2021
Our air conked out last night.
Called Mike at Element at 4:30 this morning. He was here in less than 30 min. Even the after hours rate was rediculously fair!
Got us up and running in 20 minutes!
Mike (owner/operator) is such a super kind guy.
I cannot recommend Element enough!
Thank you Mike!! ☺️👏☺️
- 5/27/2021 - Posted on Google
Same day response. Courteous and efficient. Would not hesitate to use their service again.
- 2/20/2021 - Posted on Facebook
Absolutely blown away with the care and service I received tonight from Mike Strader and his wife Kayla!
- 12/25/2020 - Posted on Facebook
He came out on Christmas day fixed my problem educated me on regular maintenance! Five stars amazing customer service! Call Mike and his team for all of your heating and cooling needs.
- 12/6/2020 - Posted on Google
Top notch company and attention to detail.
- 11/18/2020 - Posted on Facebook
Our furnace quit last night, we called the emergency line and Matt was amazing! He walked my husband through some things to try and had pretty much narrowed down the issue. We chose to wait until morning for him to come out since the part would probably need to be ordered. Matt came out first thing this morning and had already checked on the part and thought we would have to wait until tomorrow for the part to come in. He left us space heaters to stay warm, but didn't give up! He located a part locally and came back and fixed it this afternoon! Fantastic service! Much appreciated!!
- 10/7/2020 - Posted on Facebook
They are simply the best hands down!!! They got to my home mind you it's 10 pm within 15 minutes. The service guy was awesome
- 9/12/2020 - Posted on Google
Great customer service
- 7/22/2020 - Posted on Google
They are our "go-to" for any heating and air conditioning issues. The guys are very quick, super courteous and we have always been able to get a same-day appointment. If you're looking for a professional company that you can trust- you should call Element Services. They will always have our business.
- 7/7/2020 - Posted on Facebook
My A/C unit had frozen over, of course when it's over 90 outside. They were able to come and service the unit in less than 2 hours after calling. Completely professional! Thanks!
- 6/18/2020 - Posted on Google
My central air quit working. I called at 7 am and they came within 2 hours. My a/c needed a part and it had to be ordered. They gave me a window unit to use until my air was fixed. I have used them for years and always have great service. The price was great also.
- 6/18/2020 - Posted on Facebook
Many thanks to Element Services for your excellent service as always. Our new air conditioner is installed and doing its job in less than 24 hours from when we called. Highly recommend!!
- 5/24/2020 - Posted on Facebook
Micheal came over and got my ac up and running again. I highly recommend.
- 4/21/2020 - Posted on Facebook
Great people- honest and professional.
- 1/18/2020 - Posted on Facebook
They did one heck of a job on my mom’s duck work and they’re always there on time and very clean when they work
- 1/3/2020 - Posted on Facebook
A++ service every time. Highly recommended!
- 12/4/2019 - Posted on Google
I called Element in to complete some work and Matt showed up. He talked to his boss, Mike, who also came over. They did a wonderful job for me and were "sometimes" professional. Just kidding - they were messing with each other and made me crack up. Very, very nice and competent people. Thanks guys!
- 12/2/2019 - Posted on Facebook
Fast, friendly, fair and honest!!
- 11/22/2019 - Posted on Google
These guys are fast, professional, AND reasonable. I have started using them for all my heating and cooling needs for both my businesses and my home. You wont find better service in the area.
- 11/22/2019 - Posted on Facebook
Element services is THE place to call if you ever have a heating or cooling need. They are always quick, professional, and above all reasonably priced. I’ve used them at my business and my house, you won’t find better service in the area I promise.
- 10/31/2019 - Posted on Facebook
I highly recommend them! They came the same day I called and got my furnace back up and running. Thanks guys
- 9/26/2019 - Posted on Google
Amazing company! Quick friendly and reliable highly recommended
- 9/26/2019 - Posted on Google
I recently needed to have some repairs done on my air conditioner. Mike came out, (actually on time) and gave me an estimate, (less than I was expecting). He had my a/c up and running in no time. He was professional, but just a really nice guy. I will definitely call on Element Services again and I would recommend them to anyone!! Thanks again.
- 9/26/2019 - Posted on Google
Really enjoy working with element services. Work is always quality and great team!
- 1/29/2018 - Posted on Facebook
We have called them twice for furnace repairs and they were super fast both times. Technicians explain what is wrong, have the parts on hand, and are very friendly to deal with. Highly recommend!
- 1/2/2018 - Posted on Facebook
New Years Day morning 2018, sub-zero weather outside and we wake up to 55 degrees in the house. The furnace has failed and we were wondering if anyone could come to our aid on New Years Morning. Recommendations eventually led us to Mike at Element. He pulled up 20 minutes later and in less than 45 minutes, he had the furnace working enough to help us limp thru the day. First thing the following morning his amazing crew arrive with a replacement bottom half of our furnace. Two hours later then are done and we are back in business. Element is fair, prompt, respectful, punctual, and the most professional crew we have dealt with in recent years. Thank you, Mike! Well done.
- 8/8/2017 - Posted on Facebook
This business came to my house on the day it was 91 degrees in my home. The furnace was running and it seemed like everything was melting, pets and myself included. I had never done business with them before and was referred to them by a friend. Mike came out 1.5 hours earlier than he told me and was able to rewire something so I had air conditioning until he could get the part the next day. I got the bill today and it was very reasonable. Mike has always been respectful and honest in my dealings with him. I would recommend them to everyone. 217-801-3255. Call them!!

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